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First Planting Scheduled December 14 on Site of Future McIntire Botanical Garden

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA – A group of volunteers and members of the McIntire Botanical Garden Board will gather Wednesday, December 14, starting at 9 a.m. to plant a small flower bed – the first established planting – on the site in Charlottesville’s McIntire Park where the future Garden will be located. A native Black Gum tree, shrubs and perennials, all donated by generous supporters, will be arranged around the existing MBG sign at the intersection of Melbourne Road and the John W. Warner Parkway.

Volunteers Continue to ID Plants on McIntire Botanical Garden Site

Volunteers Continue to ID Plants on McIntire Botanical Garden Site

Volunteers have been working since early spring to inventory plants on the site of the future McIntire Botanical Garden. The property is located on 8.5 acres in the northeastern section of Charlottesville’s McIntire Park. “This survey of plants will establish a useful benchmark,” explained Peter McIntosh, president of the McIntire Botanical Garden Board. “When the garden is designed, we’ll use the inventory to preserve as many of the existing plants as possible.”

Volunteers Needed for Bioblitz April 16 in McIntire Botanical Garden

Charlottesville, VA – A BioBlitz or biological survey will take place Saturday, April 16, on acreage in McIntire Park that will become the McIntire Botanical Garden (MBG) in the future, and volunteers are needed. The MBG Board, Rivanna Master Naturalists and Charlottesville’s Parks and Recreation Department are coordinating the activity.