Mission and Goals

Mission and Vision Statement

McIntire Botanical Garden is a sustainable, admission-free garden in Central Virginia, bringing people and plants together in a natural, restorative environment.


Display and Enjoyment

  • Design and implement, in partnership with the City of Charlottesville, a beautiful landscape garden and ancillary facilities on 8.5 acres in the eastern section of McIntire Park.
  • Display native and site adapted plants in designed and natural settings that complement the existing parkland and enhances the site’s topography.
  • Create spaces for gathering and garden observation/enjoyment for visitors of all ages.
  • Unite the garden through regionally appropriate architecture and landscape design.


  • Create a garden that is a place of discovery for all visitors through active and passive programs of interpretation and education.
  • Serve as an educational resource for all regional residents, public and private educational providers, and the City of Charlottesville, emphasizing the disciplines of horticulture, design and the natural sciences.
  • Provide educational and interpretive labeling of demonstration gardens, display gardens, and special exhibits throughout the garden using best available technology.
  • Present adult and children’s symposia, workshops, classes and other opportunities to explore horticulture and nature.

Stewardship and Conservation

  • Preserve and enhance the existing features of the site while designing and managing gardens that complement the natural character of the park.
  • Design and manage the site and its resources in a sustainable manner.
  • Design and manage the garden to enhance habitat value.
  • Implement a financial model that ensures sustainable funding.


  • Form an advisory committee of local scientists, allied academics and Board representatives to develop a research plan for the garden; enlist the advisory committee to foster and direct research objectives.
  • Establish partnerships with local and regional academic institutions to fund and direct research programs within the garden.
  • Assure that research programs are consistent with the mission.